Aerial view
Easily view the map thanks to the aerial cameras that are automatically provided by 3D plan generator and placed strategically in the most important points of the plan.

Interior view
Place the camera in any part of the plane just by touching the screen. You will be able to control it and easily move around the plane.

VR view
With a DayDream device you can alternate the view mode by accessing the virtual reality mode. You can be inside your design and see it in detail with high quality graphics generated from a 2D plan.

Increase your productivity
Visualize the designed plans on real time in 3D, so that your experts can focus only on creativity and design.

Real-time updates
Check, add features and update the new building structure in real-time.

Save time
Improve the quality and creativity, reducing hours of workload by not having to extrude part by part the 3D plan.

Be a market leader
Offer your customers the possibility to visualize in Virtual Reality the products that your experts design. If they are not satisfied with the results, make the changes only fixing the 2D plan.