Our solution features a simple and intuitive interface that offers an indoor positioning system that doesn’t depend on GPS signal nor beacon points. Using only our application, you can position yourself and locate destinations within any building. AR Navigation offers both visual and sound-based assistance, which helps to guide people with visual disabilities to their destination.

Any company that has a large area open to the public can easily increase customer acquisition and loyalty thanks to the use of ArNavigation, making its products much more accessible to its customers. From shopping centres and supermarkets, to national parks, amusement parks, hospitals or airports. ArNavigation can also be used by large companies that want to install it in their offices, factories or storage sites, to increase the productivity of their employees by easing their daily work.


Navigation and location through Augmented Reality (AR) is only a glimpse of our solution’s potential. Once the user has entered the ‘AR world’, companies will be able to show announcements or information about products or services directly on the world that the user is navigating through, among many other things. This solution can be easily scaled to any customer needs, creating an «ecosystem» of Augmented Reality features and services.