Enagás is Spain’s leading natural gas transmission company and Technical Manager of the Spanish gas system.

In this APP, you may consult details of the inputs/outputs to the Spanish Gas System, demand forecast, predicted closing line pack in the network. In addition, it shows you the conversion factor applicable on your invoice.

The main functions of this APP are:
1. Real-time instantaneous flows at entry points to the Virtual Trading Point (Punto Virtual de Balance, PVB): Production at regasification plants, entry/exit flows at international connections, injection/withdrawal in underground storage, biomethane production and gas fields production.
2. The hourly gas natural demand and its forecast for the next hours. Conventional demand includes the industrial sector, the domestic-commercial sector one. The total demand includes conventional, truck loading and electrical sector.
3. The predicted closing linepack within the Transmission Network at the end of the current gas day wich is updated hourly.
4. The average value of the conversion factor applicable to your invoice.