We have development this platform for patients and carers. Using Vigilant, patients can notify an emergency to their carers quickly and easily.​

Patients can notify an emergency using only their voice thank to our platform. When they need to alert their carers, they have only to ask to their Smart Speakers for help. All of their carers will receive a notifications on their mobile phones immediately. The carers can open this notification to get more data about the emergency. When the carers open an emergency, there are two buttons. One is used to call an emergency phone number, and the other one to open a map. The map shows a route from the carer´s location to the patient´s one as well as the other carers’ location if they have open the map too. Every carer action will be register in order to notify other carers. Moreover, patients can ask to their Smart Speakers where their carers are. As a result, the Smart speaker will tell them their carers’ position and if they have called an emergency number.​​​

However, the patients can notify an emergency without their Smart Speakers thanks to our mobile application. Patients can click a button in their mobile phones to ask for help. When they do it, a notification is sent to all their carers who will receive it in the same way.​

Release date

May 2018


Ask for help using Smart Speakers

Mobile application as a companion

Cross platform