This is version 3.0 of vouchercloud. I’ve been working on this project for more than 4 years. In all that time we have released more than 60 different versions of the app. This version 3.0.0 is a new milestone for us as we have improved once again parts of the UI of the application. In this case we have changed the main page to allow users to browse top offers for all the categories available. The challenge in this case was to create a scrollable list of items, and each of this rows is a list of offers that you can scroll horizontally.

We also created 3 place holders between all those categories that randomly display a banner, each banner has his own functionality, some promote other sections of the app some encourage the user to do certain action like add some brands to their favourites.

Release date

April 2016


Browse offers through a list of categories

Redeem online and in-store offers

Buy deals

Enter competitions

Change your location to see offers in other countries

SIM recognition, a complete different look and feel if you are a Vodafone customer