• 3D Reality

    3D Reality is the result of our ability to create 3D environments of augmented reality or virtual reality oriented to provide a web or mobile application of this innovative technology

  • AR Navigation

    AR Navigation is a multi-platform application that integrates Augmented Reality technology with a real-time user positioning system.

  • Time Up

    Register the time worked by your employees with Time’Up and manage all the data from a simple dashboard. Time’Up is a powerful and complete solution featuring an app for iOS and Android for employees, as well as a web dashboard for companies. Using the app, employees can register their work time from any predefined location, such as work, home or a customer’s office

  • The AR Help APP

    “ARHelp!” it’s a multiplatform application that integrates augmented reality technologies into a real-time video call, creating a unique communication experience. Our platform offers a visual and simple communication, enriched by augmented reality, between a technician and a person who needs remote assistance.


    Convert your AutoCad 2D plan to 3D, keeping the same coordinates and dimensions and explore the environment generated using your mobile device. Thanks to Virtual Reality integration, you will be able to see your designs as never before and revolutionise your team and the way you work with a customised solution that can be scaled to any need.

  • Interior Planner

    Interior Planner is a multi-tool app designed to offer the user a unique design experience. A lot of tools and possibilities unified in a simple and intuitive interface.

  • Card Scanner with AR

    Augmented Reality, Mobile Applications

    We want to improve the online banking using AR, in order to do this we have developed a native library for both platforms Android and iOS.

  • AR TV Picker

    Augmented Reality, Mobile Applications

    AR TV Picker it´s an augmented reality mobile APP, that allows our users to see how a specific TV would fit in their home space. No matter the size or the place where they want to put it.

  • Scan & Block


    Thanks to our modified version of the Android Operating System you can now hide sensitive content from images in real time.

  • Enagás EnergyData

    Mobile Applications

    In this APP, you may consult details of the inputs/outputs to the Spanish Gas System, demand forecast, predicted closing linepack in the network. In addition, it shows you the conversion factor applicable on your invoice

  • AR Virtual Shop

    Augmented Reality

    AR allows users to experience new ways to interact with their environment and discover additional content anywhere they go.

  • Vigilant – Looking after your loved ones

    Alexa Skills, Mobile Applications

    We have development this platform for patients and carers. Using Vigilant, patients can notify an emergency to their carers quickly and easily.​

  • Android security dashboard

    Mobile Applications, Web

    We built a security monitoring tool for Telefónica, capable of detecting potential harmful applications installed on the device.

  • Life in the UK – Alexa Skill

    Alexa Skills

    Life in the UK will help you prepare the Life in the UK Test using your Amazon Echo

  • Test Capitán de Yate – CY

    Mobile Applications

    Application to practice the exam Capitán de Yate, contains questions divided by topic as per the real exam

  • Guess my Age

    Alexa Skills

    A simple mathematical trick implemented for Alexa



    Responsive website to help you study the exam "Patrón de embarcaciones de Recreo"

  • Patrón de Embarcaciones de Recreo

    Application to practice the exam Patrón de Embarcaciones de Recreo, contains questions divided by topic as per the real exam

  • Vouchercloud 3.0

    Latest version available of vouchercloud, we have reached 4 million downloads.

  • Share Banner – Vouchercloud

    Mobile Applications

    Share banner developed using the JBOX 2d physics Engine.

  • Patron de Yate

    Mobile Applications

    Application to practice the exam Patrón de Yate, contains questions divided by topic as per the real exam

  • Custom Date Picker – Gousto

    Mobile Applications

    Easy to use custom date picker based on the requirements from the company behind Gousto's app

  • Bristol2Night

    Mobile Applications

    Find all the latest and upcoming events in Bristol, listen to the artists and play all your favourite events.

  • Loyaltycloud

    Mobile Applications

    Very handy application to save all your loyalty cards in one place.

  • Vouchercloud 2.0

    Mobile Applications

    Version 2.0 of vouchercloud, includes new features and new look and feel

  • Vodafone My Shopping

    Developed for Vodafone Italy, this application based on vouchercloud was developed as part of our relationship with Vodafone

  • GiftCloud

    Giftcloud is a platform developed by IDL to allow users to buy digital giftcards from their phone.

  • Pong – Unity game

    This is probably my first game ever developed, it's being made using Unity.

  • Vodafone VIP

    Mobile Applications

    Application developed for Vodafone as part of their VIP program in UK

  • Vouchercloud 1.0

    Mobile Applications

    Flagship of IDL, vouchercloud has more than 4 million downloads just on Android.


    Mobile Applications

    The application was the mobile version of ENDESA's real estate portal.

  • Bomberman Live Wallpaper

    Mobile Applications

    Live wallpaper based on the game bomberman. The user can place bombs by touching the screen

  • MobiAR

    Mobile Applications, R&D

    MobiAR: Tourist Experiences through Mobile Augmented Reality

  • Inmobialia (Winner of BBVA OpenTalent 2010)

    Mobile Applications

    Winner of BBVA OpenTalent 2010. The application was a solution for the problem banks have due to the big stock on real state properties

  • Lumínica


    Desarrollo de un sistema de visualización de última generación que permita llevar a cabo proyecciones 3D en entornos de gran formato

  • ServiCaixa

    Mobile Applications

    This application was developed for the bank La Caixa to allow customers to buy cinema tickets from their smartphone

  • Sibmati


    Sistema de identificación biométrica multimodal

  • Widget TV 2.0

    Mobile Applications

    Widget para ver la programación de varios canales de televisión Españoles

  • Ownmap

    Mobile Applications

    Developed back in 2009 this is probably the first offline map viewer built for Android